Design Essentials Sleek Maximum Strength

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Sleek & style & slay: exactly in that order when using Design Essentials Sleek Max edge Control. Ideal for medium to coarse textures, This non-flaking smoothing gel provides a long-lasting maximum hold when smoothing the hairline and delivers a sleek polished look while adding moisture and sheen. Perfect for smoothing and enhancing hair edges or tapered cuts, creating texture on spiked styles or ponytails, or taming unruly hair.

de professional tip: to create textured, spiked, tousled, or disconnected looks for men or women, take a dime-size amount of sleek Max edge Control, emulsify in the hands and apply to damp or dry hair. Manipulate hair into the desired shape or style.

delivers a strong-manageable firm hold: specially designed for medium to course hair textures, our sleek Max edge Control provides a long-lasting, strong manageable hold to securely lay down the hairline and tame flyaway without flaking or leaving behind any sticky residue. We suggest using sleek Max edge Control to finish off any hairstyle for a beautifully sleek polished look while adding moisture and shine.

versatile usage instructions:
For short styles:
step 1: Apply a nickel to a quarter-size amount to dry hair. Step 2: manipulate the hair into the desired style. step 1: Apply a fingertip portion to the hairline of natural or relaxed hair. Step 2: Smooth with a brush or small tooth comb for a sleek finish.


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