Bodycology Strawberry Cheese Cake Body Mist 8oz

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Smell as sweet as a decadent treat with the notes of berry cream, strawberry and vanilla in Bodycology Strawberry Cheesecake. Strawberry Cheesecake is an edible, fruity blend. For a splash of fragrance, spritz lightly on wrists, neck and shoulders ̶ or for all-over freshness, spray in to the air and let the fine mist gently surround you. Tip! This scent is also available as a moisturizing body cream. Layering your fragrance by wearing both the mist and cream together gives it a boost and makes it last even longer. You may also like Bodycology’s other great scents! Bodycology offers a wide selection of bath & body products in beautiful scents suitable for everyday or special occasions.


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