Fro Babies Puffy Hold Me Down Baby Gelle 12oz

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Natural hair loves gel! Puffy Hold Me Down GelleTM is more than just your average gel. This multi-purpose styling gelle is infused with honey, avocado, and other natural ingredients that offer superior hold without the hard, crunchy feeling of most gels. It is gentle on hair, alcohol-free, and can be used for various styles. Use Puffy Hold Me Down Gelle to define curls and stop frizzies on medium curly to wavy hair. You can also use this product to create great twist outs on all textures of curls. Slick hair into pony puffs or any other up-do while enhancing those edges and baby hairs around the hairline with this gelle. You will love the results the Puffy Hold Me Down GelleTM offers.


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